Career Agent Executive Agents for CEOs

Who we represent...

Executive Capital Partners® manages a portfolio of bankable CEOs who we partner with private equity groups to buy and build companies.  We have been in business since 1993 and pioneered the concept of “agents” for superstar executives.

We have represented CEOs in most major industries including:

•  consumer products
•  foods
•  retailing
•  metals & minerals
•  industrial products
•  food service
•  energy
•  distribution/logistics
•  business services
•  healthcare
•  manufacturing
•  homeland security
•  financial services
•  horticulture
•  nutraceuticals
•  chemicals
•  cosmetics
•  direct marketing
•  staffing
•  oil & gas

Our CEOs are well-regarded executives with superstar track records in their sectors.

They have...

  The personal net worth and willingness to invest in their own deals
  The entrepreneurial mind-set to make acquisitions and build companies

The following are characteristics of the executives that we represent:

  They are well known “brand name” executives in their industries
  Outstanding track records building $200 million to $1+ billion businesses
  Desire to invest in and own a company with private equity partners
  Financially and emotionally committed to an acquisition instead of a job search